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"...the book provides time-tested strategies for dealing with marketing issues likely to confront an entrepreneur at every step along the way..."

While much ink has been spilled on the marketing issues facing large established firms, however, surprisingly little has been written to address the particular marketing challenges entrepreneurs face. This book helps fill that gap. Written by a long time Ernst & Young colleague with years of experience advising entrepreneurs from diverse industries, the book offers a no-nonsense guide to entrepreneurial marketing. Through what the author describes as the three stages of entrepreneurial development – start-up, emerging, and rapid growth - the book provides time-tested strategies for dealing with marketing issues likely to confront an entrepreneur at every step along the way. And it is written not as an academic textbook on marketing but rather as a kind of quick, one-stop reference for the multi-tasking, beyond busy, entrepreneur. Finally, the book offers an international perspective, which should prove increasingly useful as markets become more and more connected and firms ever more global in scope.

– Gregory K Ericksen , Ernst & Young , Global Director, Entrepreneur Of The Year

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Welcome to the THREE LITTLE PIGS CO.

THE THREE LITTLE PIGS CO provides strategic marketing support to high-potential entrepreneurs, as they grow their ventures from start-up, through emerging and rapid growth and on to next level leadership position.

In the frenetic start up/emerging stage of the venture the delivery focus for three little pigs is on supporting the entrepreneur to identify the early adopters market and to aggressively deploy all available, tactical push marketing and sales techniques like PR, Personal Selling , Exhibitions and Promotions.

In the rapid growth stage; the entrepreneur must shift the business from product / push to a market-led business based on a differentiated brand positioning. In this stage of growth, there s a whole new set of decisions that must now be taken if the venture is to progress to the next level. The delivery focus for three little pigs accordingly adjusts to help the entrepreneur develop a differentiated and compelling corporate brand positioning, enhanced NPD process, multi-channel routes to market and integrated marketing communications & selling actions.

Into next level stage and many ventures hit a wall and the urgency is to find new growth opportunities. THREE LITTLE PIGS brings a systematic approach to the challenge, using a number of methodologies , including: problem-solving techniques, consumption-chain analysis and the opportunities-prism.



Dedicated marketing for the Entrepreneurs Journey